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Last evening (14 October 2013) I was on my way to cover the sacrifice of the Durga idols by Hindu devotees in the Brahmaputra river in Mymensingh. There were several temples on the bank of the river and a shrine of a Muslim sage (holy-man) to complete the row. When I was in front of the shrine, I heard a Hindu mother was saying to his little boy to do ‘pronam’ or to pay respect to the shrine (or to the sage). On hurry I missed the full background but guessed from the words that the little boy might have done or said something that perhaps was not duly honouring for the holy-man in view of the mother. So she was teaching her little boy to be respectful to others irrespective of their faith and that struck me very much. Because, unless she noticed it, it was surely to be gone unnoticed and the boy might have had an understanding that it was okay not to pay respect to the people or culture of different ethnicity or faith. The mother was perhaps an ‘ordinary’ housewife. But her sensitivity to other cultures, faiths and diversity out smarts many of the global leaders in different sectors. I like to believe that it is the spirit and essence of Bangladeshi culture across all ethnic and religious lines. I hope all our mothers will be like her and teach our future generations to become human embracing all the diversities.


Posted October 17, 2013 by Abu Ala in Religion & faith, Society, Uncategorized

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